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Question: If I file Bankruptcy, will I not be able to get credit for 7 years?
Answer: You will be eligible to apply for credit immediately after the Bankruptcy is completed. Each creditor will evaluate you based on your income, length of time you have spent on your job, and other factors. Your ability to get credit varies with each individual.

Question: If I file Bankruptcy, will I lose all of my property?
Answer: Most people don't lose anything unless they don't want to keep it.

Question: Can I file Bankruptcy if I have a co-signer?
Answer: Co-signers can be completely protected under a 100 percent Chapter 13 plan. Even if you file Chapter 7, you can arrange for protection for your co-signer. 

Question: Is it better to go to a "Bill Consolidation" company than file Bankruptcy?
Answer: Bill Consolidation companies have no legal right to stop creditors. Remember, they are not attorneys. There have been many documented legal cases against these companies. Throughout the 30 years I have been practicing law, I have only seen one of these outfits prove they were actually trying to help consumers. 

Question: Is it too late for Bankruptcy if a creditor is already garnishing my check?
Answer: Bankruptcy immediately stops wage garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures, Sheriff Sales, harassment, or any other actions by creditors. 

Question: Aren't attorneys all alike?
Answer: All attorneys are not alike. Some have much more experience in an area of law such as Bankruptcy, and some may have the benefit of thousands of cases and years of experience. Kenneth S. Borcia is very proud of the work he does for his clients.

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