Filing Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Lake County, IL & the surrounding Northern Chicago areas.

If you are having trouble paying your creditors, you may wish to consider filing Chapter 13, which was designed by the Congress of the United States to get people out of debt without the loss of all their assets. Chapter 13 is a type of consolidation. Are you past due on your mortgage or car loan? If you are, you may be able to include your missed payments in the Chapter 13 Plan.

If eligible, you can make reduced bill payments through a court-appointed trustee while a court order stops bill collector harassment, some interest charges, wage deductions by creditors, car and furniture repossessions, and even home foreclosures. 

After your case is filed, creditors are not permitted to call you either at home or at work. Under Chapter 13, you will not lose your home, car, furniture, or any other possessions, provided you make the proper payments. 

Make the right decision for your unique situation, Kenneth Borcia will help you feel confident you are making the right decision for yourself and your loved ones.

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Get a Fresh Start

The purpose of Chapter 13 is to give you a fresh start. Here is how it works. First, Kenneth S. Borcia will make a determination to see if you are eligible. To do this, he will discuss your entire financial situation and figure out what your living expenses are per month for your basic necessities, such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc. A monthly payment that you can afford is then worked out, and this amount is sent to the trustee, which can run no longer than 60 months. 

Once your Chapter 13 case is filed, you and your family stop having anything to do with your creditors. From that point, everything is handled by the court, the trustee, and your attorney. You should keep in mind that although Chapter 13 does go through the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, it is not straight bankruptcy. 

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