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Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

Once your bankruptcy case is complete, you’ll want to start working to rebuild and repair your credit. While it is true that a bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for seven to ten years, there is much you can do in the meantime to repair the damage the bankruptcy caused.

To help, we’ve assembled a list of some credit repair actions you can take to start rebuilding your credit. Learn more below.

Steps to Repair Your Credit

Get a copy of your credit report and dispute any inaccuracies. By law, you can request one free report from each of the three major credit agencies every year. Order them all at once, or stagger them so that you are checking on your credit multiple times a year. Go to to get started.

Form good financial habits. Create a budget and stick to it. Make sure you pay off all bills on time and according to your agreement with the creditor. If you have outstanding debt left over after your bankruptcy (student loans, a car payment, a mortgage), make sure you are paying those off according to the contracts you signed.

Start saving. Try to put 5-10% of your income away in a savings plan. This will help you have a cushion for emergencies and reduce your need to use credit.

Open a secured credit card. Unlike regular credit cards, a secured credit card requires you to put money down upfront that essentially covers the amount of debt you can put on the card. Start small (about $500) and slowly increase your credit limit over time. Also, be wary of companies that charge high fees for the card or make you call a 1-900 number just to apply.

Apply for a gas or retail card. Using multiple types of credit responsibly shows lenders that you are a worthy credit risk. Just be careful about what type of card you get. A card at a store where you might be tempted to splurge is a bad bet, but a gas card or a card for your local grocery store can help you repair your credit when you pay for necessities.

Pay off your balance every month. Carrying a balance is not necessarily good for your credit score; also, when you carry a balance, interest and fees quickly add up. Avoid these by only putting on a credit card what you can afford to pay for in cash. Then, make sure that the balance is paid every single month.

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